We all have things we need to finish. From the moment we are born there seems to be this race to start marking milestones—Christenings, birthdays, pre-school, high school graduations, and all that falls in between. I start each day with a list that can range anywhere from contacting an old friend to reading the novel I started three months ago, or maybe even writing one. Of course there are some things we can finish quickly. Others can take a lifetime. No doubt, there’s something gratifying about being able to announce with conviction, “I’m done!” –Just not always.
Unfortunately, children sometimes gage their personal success by how much time it takes to complete a particular task. Once classmates are seen finishing an assignment, a project, or an activity, a child may feel the need to rush in order to avoid being last to hand in his or her work. For this reason, it is essential that children are encouraged to perform at their own personal best. Emphasizing that finishing well as opposed to finishing first can be a good foundation for learning throughout ones life. Visualizing their own finish line; not who is in the next lane (or desk) can hopefully help children recognize the need to become lifelong learners.

Today’s quote is mine.
“Success is not determined by how fast we do something, but should be defined by the quality put into what we have done.”

Mabel Elizabeth Singletary

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