Open Door

It’s that time of year again when so many young people are going back to school. I hope while you’ve taken those extra steps to help your youngsters choose that perfect first day outfit; you will remember to send them off with an important reminder. Don’t forget to let them know that “your door” (your ears and your heart) are always open. From Pre-K to college freshman and beyond, kids need to know they have a support system they can count on. Loving our kids and listening to their woes and accomplishments doesn’t stop once they head off to school.

There is no disputing that life in the twenty-first century is not easy. From academic demands to peer pressure to social relationships; every phase of life presents a different set of challenges. And sometimes those challenges can appear overwhelming. As parents and guardians, we must be willing to communicate to our children that our listening door is always open. At the same time, we must be careful in directing them to take more responsibility in good decision making as they get older.

Good communication starts before any child ever walks into a school building. Riding in the car singing silly songs, to working on those countless projects, to just talking about their day is where the foundation begins. Talking and spending quality time together can build trust. And that sense of trust between parents and children can keep growing as you give that warm first day hung when dropping them off to preschool and all the days after to that warm first day hug when you drop them off at college. Whatever the occasion; make sure they know with certainty that “your door” is always open and knocking isn’t necessary.


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